Technology Transfer

Effective IP management is the ability to successfully commercialize inventions, market trademarked products, license know-how and conclude franchising or joint ventures. Our deep technical expertise allows us to analyze the market forces at play and competitors’ technologies in order to effectively integrate our client’s IP transactions strategies into a plan for meeting their business needs.

We are experienced in technology transfer, including not only registered IP rights but also rights to databases, know-how and trade secrets. Our team provides clients with a detailed legal analysis of the potential opportunities and exposures arising from R&D and technology transfer transactions. We also assist in the acquisition of IP rights owned by employees as well as in ensuring the confidentiality of trade secrets vis-á-vis competitors and ex-employees.

We provide the following services:

  • Drawing up licensing and assignment agreements
  • Advice on databases, know-how and trade secret protection and licensing
  • Drawing up R&D contracts
  • Assistance in acquisition of employee-IP rights
  • Advice on confidentiality of trade secrets vis-á-vis competitors and ex-employees