Katarzyna Sabiłło – our new head of the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Practice

Artificial intelligence is already widely used in the biotechnology sector, whose solutions are, in turn, increasingly used in healthcare.

New therapies, including medicines, and advanced diagnostics are, on the one hand, better meeting the needs of patients and, on the other, becoming an increasingly important part of the economies of countries and entire regions, contributing to a significant increase in their GDP.

This is recognised by international investors, who are convinced that modern pharmaceutics, biomedicine and biotechnology are sectors with huge and highly promising growth potential, especially in our part of Europe. And AI is their future.

One of the key factors driving the dynamic development of these closely related sectors is expertise. This is why we have boosted our firm through the addition of Katarzyna Sabiłło – an energetic, determined and passionate pharmacist, lawyer and manager who will lead the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Law practice. It is therefore worth keeping a close eye on us.

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Always at the right time

As Katarzyna says, her adventure with law started when Poland was joining the European Union. As a representative of the pharmaceutical industry, Katarzyna participated in parliamentary work on key legislation for the functioning of this market, including the Pharmaceutical Law – one of those whose adoption was a condition for Poland’s accession to the EU.

The law came into force, Poland became a member of the EU, and Katarzyna felt it was the perfect time to try her hand at her new role. So after the successful completion of the harmonisation of medicinal products from the Berlin-Chemie portfolio, she understood that her mission in this organisation as Director of Registration and Regulatory Affairs had come to an end and from there, founded her own consulting company, offering a full range of regulatory services.

She has been trusted by many national and international clients, and entrusted with a very diverse range of topics and scope. From preparing registration strategies to obtaining marketing authorisations and market launch, to obtaining public funding.

Healthcare is a socially sensitive sector, as the patient is always the ultimate beneficiary, irrespective of the project undertaken and its ad hoc objective. We are aware of how important the ethical aspects of business are nowadays, especially for those operating in the pharmaceutical market. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, it is possible to professionally implement both the most scientifically and technically advanced projects and the more standard ones. Always taking into account the responsibility that business has towards patients, says Katarzyna Sabiłło.

The right person in the right place

The new head of the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Law Practice knows the industry and its specifics very well, has extensive regulatory experience, practical know-how and a pragmatic, business-minded approach. Plus education, intuition, an open mind and great enthusiasm for people and projects. There is no person on the market more suitable to lead this practice. Piotr Kochanski is absolutely convinced of this.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, despite their barriers and difficulties, have great potential to become true unicorns of our economy. Innovative in themselves, they foster the emergence and development of further innovations, are able to respond flexibly to change and effectively exploit their opportunities. As a law firm, we already have a lot to offer them in terms of both technology support and ESG. With Katarzyna Sabiłło on board, who is an important part of this highly specialised world, and who brings competences unique to the market when she joins our firm, we become an unrivalled partner for PharmaTech, emphasises our Managing Partner.

And PharmaTech urgently needs experienced advisors who, by monitoring the changing regulatory environment and at the same time being perfectly familiar with the specifics of this developing industry, will be an effective support in the implementation of any business strategy.

This ranges from legal oversight during the implementation of R&D plans, through advice at the registration and marketing authorisation stages to post-marketing activities and the reimbursement process. For it is only through taking such a comprehensive approach that we have a chance to bring innovative solutions to the market, including new therapies, e.g. gene therapies, modern diagnostics or preventive therapies such as vaccines.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Law

The law simply cannot keep up with today’s technological advances. Therefore, the challenge facing PharmaTech specialists will be to find optimal legal solutions for very specific projects.

For the pharmaceutical industry, new technologies represent progress, prospects and tangible benefits. For patients, an opportunity for better diagnostics, modern therapies and improved quality of life. Professional and experience-based advice is the element that makes it possible to effectively combine the development of the industry with customer satisfaction. And this is certainly guaranteed by Katarzyna Sabiłło as head of the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Law Practice.

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