Sector Compliance

Kochanski & Partners provides comprehensive compliance services in 9 (nine) key sectors:

  • Energy, Natural Resources & Chemicals;
  • FMCG Retail & Automotive Sector;
  • Infrastructure & Construction;
  • Real Estate;
  • New Technologies & Telecommunications;
  • Media;
  • Pharmaceuticals Health Care & Life Sciences;
  • Defense & Aviation;
  • Financial Sector.

In each of the above sectors we offer our clients thorough and comprehensive compliance support, including:

Compliance analysis, not limited to but including:

  • identification of areas of legal risk;
  • analysis of the relationship between risks and objectives in addition to the optimal processes for business organization;
  • defining appropriate counter measures to limit or eliminate future risks or irregularities;
  • assessment of the appropriateness of current organizational procedures, both formal and operational;
  • analysis and improvement of ethical environments within the organization.

Development of compliance systems, including:

  • implementation of compliance systems;
  • development, updating or complementing internal procedures;
  • defining the tasks of individual members of the organization through appropriate organizational structure adjustments;
  • development of appropriate mechanisms to prevent wrongdoings and reduce the risk of non-compliance;
  • development of dedicated channels to report suspected wrongdoings, questions and doubts as to compliance (whistleblowing).

Building relationships with contractors/business partners:

  • development of the rules governing contacts with contractors/business partners;
  • development of safe rules governing the distribution of marketing and promotional materials, as well as the distribution of gifts related to the industry;
  • setting balanced rules governing visits of the abovementioned persons;
  • advice on the conclusion and wording of contracts.

Education and prevention:

  • day-by-day compliance assistance;
  • development of periodic compliance training models in addition to the conducting of training and workshops with a view to raising awareness of potential irregularities, and methods to ensure regulatory compliance and communication.

In addition, we advise on the following scope:

  • conducting due diligence of third parties cooperating with entities from within the Client’s industry;
  • development of the rules of conduct during dawn raids and search of premises;
  • conducting investigations into violations of the code of ethics and code of good practice;
  • implementation of an effective compliance communication model that allows for an immediate response to detected problems with appropriate corrective action;
  • development of a “compliance officer” action plan at both local and international levels;
  • setting standards of conduct for tender purposes;
  • representation of clients in compliance proceedings.