Audit & Risk Assessment

Regardless of sector compliance services, Kochanski & Partners offers:

  • detection of abusive conduct, fraudulence and wrongdoings;
  • supporting the interim manager’s action in the area of ​​corporate governance;
  • conducting investigation audits pertaining to suspected fraud, dishonesty of employees, managers or business partners;
  • verification of irregularities in the financial market operations (e.g. money laundering, manipulation of financial instruments, use of confidential information, conflict of interest);
  • investigation into violation of the code of ethics and code of good practice;
  • audit of financial documentation and source documents for, for example, falsification of financial data, manipulation in accounting books, misappropriation of property and corruption;
  • conducting investigations into bankruptcy related fraud;
  • examination of the connections and actions of employees and business partners;
  • verification of suspicious financial results reported by branches, subsidiaries and joint ventures;
  • investigation of infringement of intellectual property rights, trade and business secrets.