Internal investigations

Kochanski & Partners also offers audit of the accounting policies of business entities and the accounting procedures of entities to supplement them with elements that favor the early detection of possible offenses reflected in the accounting books. As part of our investigation activities, we offer a forensic accounting service, i.e. an audit of the Client’s accounting books for any traces of criminal action committed by the Client’s staff to the detriment of the Client (e.g. embezzlement) or third parties (e.g. business partners, shareholders or State Treasury).

The service includes advice on resolving identified problems including in respect of balance sheet and tax law. In cases where offences are detected, we offer necessary legal assistance in the following areas: criminal law, civil law and labor law (vide: Crisis Management).

Forensic accounting is carried out within the framework of the practice of economic legal issues, headed by Dr. Andrzej Malec, tax advisor and certified accountant, long-term CFO in capital companies and a member and chairman of the audit committees in listed companies.