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Kochanski And Partners Consolidation

The constant progress and technological revolution we are witnessing is changing our lives, presenting us with new perspectives and challenges.

Aware of these processes, large organisations such as Our Firm are constantly adapting to changing market needs and leveraging their potential to gain a competitive edge.

All this takes place within a framework of global cooperation and consolidation of the key market players, increasingly focused on priority sectors and specialised services. Success is guaranteed by implementing such a strategy.

Becoming the Firm that the dynamic world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution needs

Increasing the reach of our market offering is being achieved through the diversification and constant expansion of our practices, as well as through increased operational efficiency – the main thrust of the activities that have led to, and will continue to lead to, the consolidation of Our Firm. We also expect further effects soon, such as cost optimisation and increased innovation potential.

Building on the results of our organic work over many years, and having created a Firm in which 20 Equity Partners are alumni or Partners who have joined us in recent years, we are moving towards consolidation.

Our business model, whose vision from the outset was to build a Law Firm for future generations, has been designed and shaped to welcome the best. The system and our offer are awaiting them.

Our team of leaders has just been strengthened by two new Partners, prominent lawyers and top-class managers: Dariusz Dobkowski and Marek Król. Dariusz Dobkowski, head of KPMG’s legal practice for 25 years, now heads the Global Transactions Practice at Kochański & Partners. Marek Król has assumed the lead of the Banking & Finance Practice.

Monika Maćkowska-Morytz, an expert in data protection law, compliance, new technologies and cyber security, has also been appointed Partner.

Markiyan Malskyy has been promoted to Equity Partner in charge of both the International Commercial Arbitration Practice and our Ukrainian Practice.

Karol Połosak has been appointed Equity Partner in charge of the Corporate Transformation and Consolidation Practice.

We believe that all the new Partners will continue to play a key role in Kochański & Partners, which is undergoing consolidation.

Piotr Kochański, our Managing Partner, has assumed control of the New Technologies Practice, which will be divided into several specialised teams responsible for:

  • New Technologies Regulatory Affairs
  • Compliance, Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • FinTechs
  • Technology Transactions

We believe that our clients will welcome these changes, based on their previous experience of working with us in two strategic areas:

  • Global transactions
  • International financing in the Technology, Innovative Industrial Solutions and Cyber Security Sectors

Global transactions under the wings of Kochański & Partners

The multi-skilled team of advisors has recently been joined by Dariusz Dobkowski, an internationally experienced attorney at law and advocate, an expert in projects both in Poland and abroad.

Dariusz is a member of the Warsaw Bar Association and the Bar Associations of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

He is a co-founder of “KPMG Law” in Poland, which he has headed since 2003. As Head of Legal CEE, Dariusz co-managed KPMG’s legal practice in Central and Eastern Europe and was a member of the Steering Committee of KPMG Global Legal Services, which brings together legal practices from 180 countries worldwide.

He has managed hundreds of projects in various sectors of the economy, involving leading Polish and foreign market players.

His practice focuses on commercial law in the broadest sense, with a particular emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, capital restructurings, real estate and forensic proceedings.

At Kochański & Partners, Dariusz has taken the lead of the Global Transactions Practice.

“Kochański & Partners enjoys an established position as a leader in the Polish legal market. Both in terms of the scale of its operations, the trust of its clients and its unique expertise. In my view, the capital it has built up over the years indicates almost unlimited potential for growth, both domestically and internationally. Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, I have extensive experience in managing teams and organising legal business structures. For many years I have been impressed by the visionary development plan that Piotr Kochański has drawn up for the Firm. I therefore had no hesitation in accepting the offer to join this ambitious project. I see it as a personal challenge, but at the same time I have no doubt about the result in terms of added value for the market, clients and the Firm itself that will come from combining our potential and experience,” says Dariusz Dobkowski.

Kochański & Partners’ world-class Banking & Finance

Marek Król is an attorney at law, a specialist in international business relations and one of the most respected figures in the financial sector in Poland.

He has built his professional experience working with global law firms and banks such as Raiffeisen Bank Polska, Credit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, NordeaBank Polska, Svenska Handelsbanken, Citibank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, ING Bank, Pekao S.A. and PKO BP S.A.

Marek has represented clients in projects in the power, water and gas infrastructure, petroleum, road, telecommunications and commercial real estate industries.

He has also advised on investment and infrastructure projects, real estate and M&A transactions, including working for IT companies.

His main areas of practice are project finance, real estate finance, leveraged finance, MBO, LBO, restructurings, corporate bond issues, transactions, syndicated loans, structured finance, leasing, and factoring.

At Kochański & Partners, Marek Król will head the Banking and Finance Practice.

“I am delighted to join the team. Kochański & Partners is certainly one of the best law firms operating in Poland. With its well-developed practices, reputable clients and more than 100 competent, well-educated and specialised lawyers, the firm has a tremendous potential to provide top quality legal advice. My personal interests, apart from project finance transactions, bond issues, IPOs and syndicated loans, are geared towards supporting clients in the M&A sector and energy projects, particularly related to renewable energy and infrastructure projects, in communications and transport. The Firm’s international cooperation and its focus on leading the projects of its global clients provide an ideal environment for implementing my clients’ projects around the world. This is my next big professional challenge, and I want to succeed. The current global situation, changes in capital flows, Poland’s changing role in the international arena and challenges related to environmental protection and sustainable development in the broadest sense pose challenges for lawyers, who also bear a great responsibility for their success,” stresses Marek Król.

Technology and Technology Transactions – Piotr Kochański takes the lead and announces a rocket launch

In the era of the new industrial revolution and economy 4.0, Piotr Kochański will assume the management of the Firm’s third key practice area – the Technology Sector Practice.

Our Managing Partner has extensive experience in this area, having been one of the leaders who built the legal services market for the innovation and new technology industries, both in its beginnings in the US and later in Poland. He advised the world’s largest technology companies such as Intel and Google in the early days of their operations in Poland.

“My current involvement is a kind of return to my roots, it’s very interesting and inspiring, as specialising in dealing with clients using, transferring, financing and protecting their cutting-edge technologies was the foundation of my career, which enabled me to break through and establish myself professionally,” says Piotr Kochański.

I even did academic work in this area, sorting out knowledge of regulations and practical experience, of the then new case law, and also lectured and tried to get a doctoral degree in the US and in Poland,  at a time when not so many were yet aware that attempts were being made to regulate, codify and systematise the related issues, including to consolidate the case law in matters related to the creation, transfer, trade in, financing and protection of technology.

Today, we are getting our house in order, firing up our engines and moving full force into our universe, into providing regulatory services to clients in the field of technology law and into handling transactions, including technology M&A and technology financing and transfer,” adds the new head of this Practice.

New horizons for Kochański & Partners

Currently Kochanski & Partners consists of over 200 people who work with global clients on a daily basis, in modern spaces in Warsaw and Krakow.

We are soon to open a new office in Łódź, we are looking for a location in Białystok and intensively planning further locations in major cities across Poland. This spread of our activities will earn us the unique accolade of being the Polish National Law Firm.

“We are focused on growing our global practice. Hence the strategic building of alliances and close professional relationships with Pinsent Masons and with our joint network of law firms across Europe. And also with those law firms around the world that want to work specifically with us, “ emphasises Piotr Kochański.

Let’s do it.

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