We support businesses in difficult times

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Poland, we have provided comprehensive 24/7 client support on COVID-19 issues via a dedicated expert team. We help companies navigate the pandemic-related turbulence, minimizing any damage caused to their business.

Our anti-crisis advice covers:

  • labour issues – including remote work, employment restructuring and Covid-19 procedures;
  • commercial contracts – including supply chain disruptions, renegotiation of contracts, ability to perform contracts;
  • public levies – taxes, social security contributions;
  • corporate governance and compliance – required procedures, liability of company governing bodies;
  • available financing from public funds and the settlement thereof;
  • possible scenarios and legal consequences, including restructuring proceedings.

Restructuring and recovery measures

Ensuring business continuity and liquidity are the main challenges faced by businesses, particularly when affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Early action can protect your company from disruption or bankruptcy. It may be prudent to explore restructuring also when the company is not in financial trouble, but there is a concern that such trouble may occur due to the uncertain economic future.

Our lawyers have considerable experience and knowledge of possible restructuring scenarios, handling many cases either for financing entities or companies with liquidity problems. Regardless of the scale of the issue, our services are always tailored to the unique needs of each client.

How we can help

  • Analysing potential threats and company needs
  • Reviewing financing agreements, agreements with business partners and employment contracts or collective labour agreements
  • Developing initial recovery plans and potential restructuring scenarios
  • Liaising with your company’s financing entities/main creditors
  • Negotiating arrangements with creditors or finance providers, including standstill agreements
  • Sourcing additional funds for company operations (external and internal sources)
  • Implementing recovery plans agreed on with creditors.



Rafał Rapala 
Attorney at Law, Senior Partner, Head of Corporate Law Practice and Transaction Practice
M: +48 608 444 650
E:  r.rapala@kochanski.pl

Karol Połosak
Advocate, Counsel in Corporate Law Practice and Transaction Practice
M: +48 608 377 788
E:  k.polosak@kochanski.pl