Ongoing legal actions in the absence of key personnel

Ongoing legal actions in the absence of key personnel (quarantine, isolation, sanitary cordons, etc.)


Ensuring business continuity and leadership succession in companies and enterprises, e.g.:

  • granting or revoking commercial proxies and other powers of attorney (as appropriate),
  • filling vacancies in management boards, including in subsidiaries and capital groups,
  • obtaining current extracts, excerpts, certified copies, etc. from registers, including land and mortgage registers, etc.,
  • granting powers of attorney to conduct court and other relevant cases, including special powers of attorney,
  • updating or granting powers of attorney to banks and related institutions.


Operational activities:

  • repaying loans or signing contracts,
  • renewing credit lines,
  • renegotiating terms and conditions of delivery/receipt/other civil contracts,
  • reviewing contracts and notifying contractors of e.g. force majeure in accordance with provisions thereof,
  • finalizing postponed contracts,
  • granting powers of attorney to persons staying abroad,
  • paying fees on powers of attorney and other similar documents,
  • obtaining a certificate of employment or a declaration of place of business,
  • ifinalizing postponed administrative matters.


Private sphere activities, e.g.:

  • undertaking activities similar to those already mentioned which also apply in the private sphere, e.g. making donations or granting powers of attorney to friends and relatives,
  • drawing up wills,
  • finalizing other formal matters neglected or necessary in the current situation.
  • in addition to the activities listed, attention should be paid to other legal matters identified.


Please note that the functioning of offices, courts and other institutions may be limited, however, a number of processes and cases are still possible to conduct remotely. Kochański & Partners offer complex assistance in this respect.

Out of the 20 largest law firms in Poland, Kochański & Partners is the only company to have adopted and implemented a full Firm Remotely Control Controlled Secured Home Office Locations Working System ensuring integrity and continuity of customer services.



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