Emergency Response Team appointed to support management board members in the face of restructuring proceedings and related liability

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the economy worldwide, making it necessary for entrepreneurs to be prepared for every possible scenario, including consideration of all available options and necessary preventive steps to protect their business. It is essential for company owners and officers to take appropriate action in a timely manner, as any delay in this […]

Banking Law | Loans | Bank Guarantee Fund

The global situation related to the spread of COVID-19 is also having a significant impact on the banking sector. Banks, in cooperation with other institutions, are taking urgent measures to maintain financial stability and support their customers. The current situation is undoubtedly problematic for both banks and their customers, which is why it is so […]

Banking activities vs. Coronavirus

Basic information about forms of legal transactions Form of contract In accordance with Article 76 of the Civil Code, where the parties have stipulated in a contract that a specific transaction is to be made in a specific form, the transaction will only be effective if that form is observed. However, if the parties have […]

Shortcomings and omissions of the special ‘shield package’ for companies – tax issues

On behalf of the Kochański & Partners tax advisory team, please be advised that the draft “Shield Package for Companies” announced by the Ministry of Development has been published. In this report we present solutions (proposed by either the Ministry of Development itself or tax experts and employers’ organizations), which – despite earlier announcements – […]

Draft shield package for companies – tax issues

On behalf of the Kochański & Partners tax advisory team, we would like to update you on the provisional draft “Shield Package for Companies” being developed in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Below please find a summary of main assumptions of the proposed changes regarding tax issues, which may be beneficial for entrepreneurs.     […]

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