Parasto Yari

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Parasto Yari
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Parasto is an Afghan lawyer and activist, working in defense of women’s and minority rights. Her efforts are devoted to building peace, achieving gender equality and supporting refugees and others in need of assistance. Her beliefs on equal rights and personal freedom were shaped by her experiences in both government and non-government agencies and during activism in Afghanistan.

Her experience includes such positions as heading the Kabul Social Peace Committee, and being member of the Loy-Jirga National Peace Council. She was involved in the National Consensus of Afghan Women for Peace towards achieving a collective voice for women within the Afghanistan peace process and was also appointed as Senior Advisor to the Minister of Peace of Afghanistan and also led the law board of the State Ministry of Peace.

She has participated and represented Afghanistan in the International Peace Conference in South Korea, at the International Young Muslim Women’s Forum in Indonesia, the Mina’s list program within the Peace is Loud program in India, Disaster Prevention Experiences and Policy in China, the National Inquiries program in Oman, and many other international workshops and trainings.

Parasto has worked for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, the Ministry of Finance (the Peace Council of Afghanistan), and the Chief Executive Office of Afghanistan. She also worked as a Legal Advisor with non-profit organizations such as Paiwand-e- Emroz Social and Cultural Organization.

Parasto was a lecturer in Afghan universities, in the field of human rights, international and criminal law.

Having experienced persecution for her beliefs, she was evacuated together with her family from Kabul in August 2021 and found refuge in Poland, where she continues to work as a pro bono lawyer.

Languages: Persian, English

Education: Kateb University, Faculty of Law (Bachelor of Judiciary and Prosecution, 2014), Avicenna University, Faculty of Political Sciences (Master of International Relations, 2017)