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IRAAPORT (Internet Remote Actions and Paper Observance Register Technology) is a proprietary enterprise-class IT system created by Kochański & Partners for professional law firm management.

It covers billing, factoring, document flow and real-time reporting, whilst also streamlining HR and marketing processes, with the highest level of data security and client confidentiality maintained.

IRAAPORT is an innovative legal tool enabling clients to constantly monitor the status of their business objectives and respond dynamically to all case developments.

IRAAPORT is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

It integrates all business processes at every level of the organisation, enabling comprehensive and effective management in all operational areas, the smooth implementation of managerial functions, while providing data and information for the integration of processes and the effective and optimal use of resources. The system is driven via a single database which collects and processes information from all areas of business, in particular finance.

Kochanski Iraaport Erp

The system consists of 6 innovative modules


(Managament Information System)


Enables continuing budget control for individual practices and provides analytical tools for the ongoing monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Module functionalities:

  • real-time report generation in graphical form
  • performance and budgeting tools
  • automatic notifications


(Digital Client Relationship Management)

Kochanski Iraaport Digital Client Relationship Management

Facilitates the management of all marketing activities and client relations, enabling effective planning and implementation of ongoing projects.

Module functionalities:

  • contact with lawyers, access to their calendars, arranging and registering meetings
  • online communication, chats and videoconferences with specialists responsible for a particular case
  • constant monitoring of time and cost of work, report generation and direct client access to billing information
  • contact database management
  • running and monitoring of marketing campaigns


(IP Case Management)

Kochanski Iraaport Intelectual Property Case Management

A modern, constantly updated database of trademarks, patents, utility and design models, and domains managed by the firm on behalf of clients.

Module functionalities:

  • comprehensive information on deadlines for actions and works, monitoring of activities and fees
  • control of the status of ongoing work, access to related disputes and IP cases
  • accurate invoicing based on time and cost records


(Digital Archive Management)

Kochanski Iraaport Digital Archive Management

The DAM module operates via Alfresco Content Services, ensuring:

  • document sharing
  • document flow
  • full-text search
  • hierarchical data access control system


(Digital Organization Management)

Kochanski Iraaport Digital Organization Management

The DOM module is responsible for managing:

  • client and case catalogues
  • billing and invoicing
  • payment and cost monitoring


(Remote Archive Access Client System)

Kochanski Iraaport Remote Archive Access Client System

Provides online access to i.a. the case portfolio and e-billing, guaranteeing full cost control at every stage of the project.

Module functionalities:

  • access to the status of pending cases and continual monitoring of all developments in the course of proceedings
  • constant contact with the lawyer responsible for a given case and viewing reports on current actions
  • remote, secure and full access to the case calendar and all documents
  • report generation based on individual preferences
  • highest level of confidentiality and security, with 24/7 helpdesk support

The IRAAPORT system is equipped with the highest quality security features and technologies used by even the most demanding institutions, and is constantly adapted to new regulations, including GDPR guidelines. Data is stored on servers belonging exclusively to Kochański & Partners, guaranteeing full data security.

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