Corporate re-organisation

Holistic restructuring solutions

In times of constant and dynamic changes in the market environment, we assist enterprises in business reorganisation, including assessing the current corporate situation of entities or groups, whilst identifying the optimal form of reorganisation.

There may be numerous underlying forces for reorganisation. In delivering advisory services, we focus primarily on the client’s business model, increasing the value and efficiency (agility) of the enterprise, optimising operating costs, taking into account taxes, interests, corporate positions of individual owners, corporate governance requirements (applicable within larger structures) and possible succession issues within family businesses.

With regard to the individual situation of a specific entity or group, we analyse and consider the possibility of using the optimal legal tools, in particular:

  • mergers (including cross-border mergers);
  • demergers and transformations;
  • transfer of individual assets, groups of assets, enterprises or their organised parts;
  • spin-off (carve-out of selected units);
  • capital transactions;
  • changes in the financing model;
  • redemption of shares, including buy-back and squeeze-out (mandatory buyout of minority shareholdings);
  • changes in articles of association and by-laws;
  • IPO / delisting;
  • issuing of debt instruments;
  • liquidation.

We draft and modify individual corporate documents based on solutions and experience built up over twenty years of practice.


How can we assist you?

Kochański & Partners assistance covers in particular:

  • corporate documents;
  • identification of areas requiring intervention;
  • verification of legal and tax consequences of reorganisation under specific scenarios;
  • assistance in selecting the most optimal form of reorganisation;
  • development of complete documentation;
  • representation before the registry court;
  • availability of our lawyers to temporarily assume functions in corporate bodies, or act as liquidators if required.

Contact us:

Rafał Rapala

Rafał Rapala

Attorney at Law, Partner, Head of Corporate Practice, Shareholders Conflicts

+48 608 444 650

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