Distressed M&A

Returning to liquidity and continuing your business activity.

Distressed M&A transactions involve the acquisition of a company with a threatened or weakened liquidity or the acquisition of the enterprise (an organised part of the enterprise) or selected assets of such company.

Distressed M&A transactions help to preserve the business and economic substance of a company at risk of bankruptcy, while creating synergies and financial benefits for the acquiring investor.

From the perspective of companies at risk of bankruptcy, it is particularly important to be able to attract an investor willing to acquire and finance them, thus ensuring that the company regains liquidity and can continue operating.



Kochański & Partners support comprises:

  • developing a concept and structure for the acquisition of the company or its assets;
  • carrying out legal and tax audits, including the identification of sensitive and particularly critical areas that may be a source of liquidity problems to be addressed after the acquisition, and identifying any significant legal and tax risks in the context of acquisition of the company or assets;
  • drafting and negotiating legal documents for the acquisition;
  • closing support: organising the transaction closing;
  • post-closing support: actions designed to integrate the target company with the acquiring investor.

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