Commercial Litigation

Practices / Litigation
Kochanski & Partners is highly experienced in managing complex litigation cases that require expertise in a broad spectrum of legal areas such as commercial, civil, energy law, etc. We provide commercial litigation services for large polish and international capital groups, commercial companies and other business entities. We represent clients in contentious matters regarding non-performance or misperformance of an agreement, claims resulting from contractual penalties, recourse and unjust enrichment. Kochanski & Partners successfully manages large and complex legal actions while also covering minor but numerous litigation cases allowing us to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

We provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive evidence evaluation and assistance in evidence collection at the pre-litigation stage and defense stage
  • Filing statements of claim, motions for claim security and injunctions with the court, drawing up pleadings
  • Representation in commercial court cases, including advice in court settlement negotiations
  • Legal assistance and representation in enforcement proceedings