Insurance Litigation

Practices / Litigation

Kochanski & Partners specializes in providing legal assistance for both criminal and subsequent civil liability litigation arising from traffic accidents, and personal injuries including medical malpractice.

Our lawyers are highly qualified in areas of expertise otherwise reserved for expert witnesses thus allowing us to monitor and act accordingly during every phase of civil and criminal procedures. This expert knowledge gives us the unique ability to assist our clients beyond the usual scope of work that other law firms can provide.

We provide the following services:

Representation of our clients in:

  • Preparatory proceedings carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Police
  • Criminal courts of all instance in cases concerning personal and legal liability or victim’s rights
  • Civil courts of all instance in cases concerning civil liability for damages, punitive damages, redress and recourse claims
  • Proceedings with insurance companies regarding compensation for personal injuries and material damages
  • Proceedings with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)