We have been recognised in Media Law International 2024

The development of laws guaranteeing the freedom and independence of the media and the effective protection of intellectual property is one of the main cornerstones on which Piotr Kochański’s concept of his law firm was founded. For us, the right to information and freedom of expression are bastions that we will never stop defending. We deeply recognise the critical role played by a free and independent media in building a strong democratic state. Another accolade in the Media Law International ranking and a consistently high position confirms that our work on behalf of journalists and leading TV and radio publishers is not only effective, but also recognised and valued by the market.

Towards free and independent Polish media

The year 2023 was undoubtedly a time of groundbreaking changes for Poland. The victory of the democratic forces has significantly influenced the structure and political orientation of the public broadcasters, so a new media act can be expected.

In anticipation of a new and better law, we continue to support our clients in their struggle to access reliable information from free and independent media.

Hands-on knowledge and experience: The strengths of Kochański & Partners

Our clients are multinational companies for whom image protection is crucial. Especially when their activities may be considered controversial by certain social and political groups.

These include Ringier Axel Springer Polska, one of Europe’s largest press publishers, part of an international media group based in Zurich, who are also one of our oldest clients, having worked with Piotr Kochanski for 25 years. The breadth of this collaboration means that we are constantly handling litigation for infringements of personal interests, criminal defamation cases and civil and commercial cases, keeping abreast of current Polish and European case law, identifying trends and skilfully implementing the latest regulations.

We represent leading publishers in high-profile media cases involving censorship and restrictions on freedom of information. And while many of these are political cases, we firmly believe in the need to defend our core values and vigorously oppose any attempt to restrict the right to freedom of expression. We are bold and effective because of our human commitment to these important issues.

Supporting the fight for independent media is not the only aspect of our work.  Specialising in disputes arising at the intersection of media and technology, we are involved in trademark protection proceedings for renowned press titles whose history dates back more than 50 years.

Recently, our knowledge and practical expertise in the field of media content and social media led us to represent clients in one of the first Polish court cases on influencer marketing.

Over the past year, we have also helped clients organise processes to improve the secure flow and processing of personal data, including in a messenger app used by more than 378 million unique users and ranked in the TOP 4 of the world’s best online chat programmes.

Media and Litigation Practice Team

The award winning team is led by Mateusz Ostrowski, an experienced media law practitioner, technology enthusiast and uncompromising defender of the freedom of expression.

Today, the Media Practice is a versatile team dealing with a wide range of cases, from personal rights or copyright infringements, advertising law and new media, and with a strong focus on effective litigation.

The full Media Law International 2024 ranking is available here.

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