Penal and White Collar Crimes Proceedings

Practices / Litigation

White collar crime is generally identified as nonviolent crime that public officials and businesspeople commit predominantly for their own personal gain.

Clients who are under government investigation require robust representation. Kochanski & Partners is experienced in representing companies, boards of directors, officers and directors, and individuals at all stages of government investigations. Our lawyers tackle cases from initial agency inquiries to full-scale investigations and from preliminary government interviews to trial and beyond. Clients often come to us with their most sensitive matters. We aim to develop effective, cost-efficient solutions to protect our clients’ reputations and rights.

White-collar crime includes the following: commercial fraud, trade secret theft, public corruption, tax evasion, bribery, counterfeiting, money laundering, environmental law violations, illegal pharmaceuticals, antitrust violations and internet scams. Kochanski & Partners helps establish whether an alleged action is really a crime or whether it was simply a legitimate business risk necessary to be taken while managing a company.

Kochanski & Partners services cover not only criminal proceedings within so called white-collar cases, but also tax and civil issues which usually form a ground in these types of cases.

We provide the following services:

  • Assessment of the liabilities of management board members regarding their legal and personal responsibility
  • Representation of our clients in the preparatory proceedings carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Representation of our clients in courts of all instance
  • Representation of our clients in tax and administration proceedings
  • Drawing up law suits and other documents related to claims against management board members and senior management