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Human resource management requires not only a detailed knowledge of Polish and EU law, but also knowledge of the current case law of Polish and EU courts. Following the frequent changes in legislation and case law is a complex task that requires the knowledge and experience that our team possesses. The Kochanski & Partners team, collaborating on a day-to-day basis with human resources departments and management staffs, provides comprehensive daily legal services in all areas related to employment.

We provide the following services:

  • Preparation and advice regarding modification of all documents related to employment, in particular, employment contracts and contracts under civil law
  • Advice on the arrangement of the working time and place of work
  • Creation of remuneration and bonus systems
  • Preparation of internal documentation related to employment, including work regulations, salaries, employee benefit fund, programs of rewarding management staff and employees at other levels, policies connected to the use of company cars, rules regarding financing employees’ training, etc.
  • Development of solutions preventing mobbing and discrimination
  • Preparation of non-competition agreements during and after termination of employment advice required due to change of company ownership
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