Labor Cost Optimization

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The Kochanski & Partners employment law team have, for many years, been advising both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs on how to reduce labor costs without losing valuable employees. We have built solid experience during the implementation of numerous projects related to labor cost optimization.

Each solution is adjusted to the individual needs of a business and based on the results of an audit of the legal and economic structure of employment. We also provide advice for companies which have started the implementation of new solutions so as to ensure their proper functioning during the period of changes. We also provide professional legal assistance in cases of disputes with tax authorities and insurance bodies.

We provide the following services:

  • Audits of the legal and economic structures, employment costs and documentation related to employment on the basis of the employment relationship and relations under civil law that take into account the relative risk analysis, and preparation of recommendations for fiscal labor cost optimization models
  • Advice on the implementation of solutions related to fiscal labor cost optimization, including, in particular, preparation of opinions, drafting of employment documents and introducing changes into the internal records of employment
  • Preparation of requests for interpretation to the tax authorities in the scope of the proposed solutions
  • Representation before the tax authorities and courts
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