Employment Restructuring

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Our team of lawyers has been involved in numerous projects, including advice on employment restructuring related to, among others, winding-up of branch offices, relocation of workplace offices and limiting the scope of the employer’s activity. We offer our clients comprehensive advice related to individual and group redundancies and support in negotiations.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice on amendment or termination of an employment relationship, including preparation of documents related to individual redundancies of both executives and other employees
  • Preparation of analyses in terms of benefits for redundant employees
  • Participation in settlement negotiations, and assistance in developing agreements on termination of employment or civil law contracts
  • Legal and tax analysis prior to implementation of a redundancy plan, including development of assumptions for planned redundancies and providing opinions on redundancies in terms of compliance with employer’s applicable internal laws and regulations
  • Advice on the process of carrying out the procedures of group redundancies, including development of a schedule for planned redundancies, creating regulations for group redundancies and other documents, submitting necessary notices
  • Participation in any negotiations and consultations of the employer with trade unions or employees’ representatives.
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