Local Taxes

Practices / Tax

Our local tax team in cooperation with our Real Estate Department provides tax advisory services on local taxes, in particular real estate tax. We provide our clients with tax advisory services aimed at managing their tax risks exposure resulting from imprecise statutory provisions and tax law practice which often varies from municipality to municipality. Additionally, we help our clients in identifying items subject to real estate tax and applying the relevant tax rates. We can also recommend tax planning opportunities. Additionally, we provide general tax advisory services on local taxes and tax compliance services.

We provide the following services:

  • Ongoing tax advisory services
  • Preparation of motions to local tax authorities for individual tax rulings
  • Representation of clients in negotiations with local tax authorities on real estate tax
  • Representation of clients in disputes with local tax authorities
  • Tax reviews aimed at verifying the correctness of real estate tax calculations and recommending optimized solutions
  • Tax compliance