General Commercial

Practices / Corporate

We offer a wide range of corporate advice for commercial companies, including assistance in their ongoing business activities. We advise our clients on civil law matters. We have gained our experience in this field working for both well- known international companies, as well as for Polish companies from various sectors of production and services, including the media, household chemicals, IT, automotive, drugs, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and trade.

We provide the following services:

  • Preparation of projects, negotiations and verification of trade agreements and any other agreements in ongoing business activity, both in domestic and international trade
  • Comprehensive advice in civil law matters, including assistance in handling complaints
  • Legal assistance in the establishment of new companies, transformation of existing ones, as well as their winding up, liquidation, restructuring
  • Ongoing advice to commercial companies’ bodies: proprietary, supervisory and management bodies and individual members of these bodies
  • Organizing shareholders’ meetings, general shareholders’ meetings and preparation of draft resolutions and other internal matters of a company
  • Representation in registration proceedings before the National Court Register
  • Corporate audits
  • Implementation of corporate governance
  • Advice on the scope of liability of members of the company’s bodies and liability of the company itself