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Kochanski & Partners supports the initiatives of implementing the principles of good practice in organizations from the public and private sectors, including public companies. We provide comprehensive legal services associated with corporate governance in a broad sense, particularly in terms of the Good Practices Code of WSE Listed Companies and the Good Practices Code of NewConnect Listed Companies, as well as building companies’ professional management systems and business transparency.

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance in the development and implementation of corporate governance systems providing a balance between the interests of all entities engaged in a company’s operations
  • Development and implementation of compliance systems
  • On-going legal advice on performance of disclosure obligations
  • Assistance in the construction of mechanisms ensuring compliance with professional and ethical standards in a company’s structure
  • Assistance in creating tools to improve the supervisory and management processes in companies
  • Training of management and supervisory board members and company owners with regard to legal regulations in the field of corporate governance
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