Practices / Corporate

Transactions between different entities require the proper securing of the interests and rights of the parties to the transaction. In particular, this applies to transactions related to all types of financing, acquisition of assets or long-term transactions regarding joint ventures and cooperation between entities. Kochanski & Partners advises clients on the best and most effective measures to protect their interests and rights. We have experience in securing various types of project finance, corporate finance (including through securities issue), acquisition of shares/stocks and companies, as well as transactions relating to our clients’ joint ventures with other entities.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice on selecting the best and most effective form of collateral, bearing in mind the structure and purpose of the transaction
  • Project preparation, negotiation and verification of collateral documents (such as pledges, mortgages, transfers of rights as collateral, transfer of ownership right, warranties, guarantees, payment subordination agreement, reserved escrow accounts)
  • Legal assistance in establishment of collaterals
  • Preparation of resolutions and other corporate approvals required in order to properly secure a transaction
  • Representation in registration proceedings before the courts which maintain the pledges and land and mortgage registers
  • Audits of collaterals documents