Consumer Rights Protection

The Competition and Antitrust Department’s team provides expert advice on consumer law. Basic knowledge and compliance with consumer protection regulations is a key element in today’s commercial practice. Failure to comply with these obligations involves the risk associated with allegations of infringement of the collective consumers’ interests. Where an infringement has been found, the entrepreneur can expect severe administrative penalties and the requirement to pay damages and sometimes even penal sanctions. The situation is highly challenging for companies as consumer law provisions are scattered among various legal acts.

We provide the following services:

  • Analysis of consumer sales contracts, contracts entered into away from a firm’s business premises and long-distance contracts (including e-commerce)
  • Developing and reviewing the regulations for providing goods and services, including consumer specificity, preparing draft amendments to existing regulations
  • Developing a compliance policy
  • Advice on product liability (nonconformity of goods with the contract, warranty, including analysis of warranty booklets)
  • Preparing and analyzing clauses on the processing of personal data and the transmitting of commercial information in electronic form