Combating Unfair Competition

Certain actions with respect to competitors, customers or consumers, for example those impeding the access of other entrepreneurs to the market, disclosing or infringing of business secrecy, misleading advertising, imitating products, infringing trademarks or the use of a third party’s reputation, are considered acts of unfair competition. Entities affected by such acts have a broad spectrum of claims available including: demands to cease infringement, publication of apologies and claims for damages. Our Competition and Antitrust Department’s team has broad experience in legal assistance concerning defense against acts of unfair competition, as well as contesting allegations of committing them.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice on combating unfair competition and industrial property rights on the basis of Polish and EU law
  • Conducting court and arbitration proceedings within the field of unfair competition
  • Assistance in protection of business secrecy
  • Analysis of marketing and advertising activities with regard to unfair advertising (inter alia advice on establishing acceptable forms and content of advertising and promotion, including, in particular, sectors such as pharmaceuticals)