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Poland, Korea and Ukraine are opening new horizons for cooperation

South Korea is the second largest non-European investor in Poland, right after the US. It is also an important Asian ally of the USA and a friend and partner of Ukraine, which has just announced another increase in its support. And Korean companies are seeking to work with Polish businesses to become even more involved in the current processes and tenders and the post-war reconstruction and modernisation of Ukraine. During the recent Korea-Poland Economic Forum, important declarations regarding planned investments were made and details of ongoing projects were also presented.

Poland will be a solid foundation for the reconstruction of Ukraine

Poland has a strategic location and access to EU partners and markets. Korea has cutting-edge know-how, technological innovation and the ability to attract financing. The combined potentials of the two partners form a mix that will be essential in the future process of rebuilding Ukraine. That is why the Forum would not be complete without the contributions of the most active and committed promoters of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation: Markiyan Malskyy and Wojciech Wrochna.

As a law firm, we see great interest in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Every single day we hear something new on this topic, which remains one of the most discussed globally. Our market-leading Ukrainian Desk is now involved in over 20 projects of Ukrainian companies in Poland,” says Markiyan Malskyy.

We also received over a hundred of requests from Polish companies to be updated on the international reconstruction projects in Ukraine, look for partners in Ukraine or work on action plans to enter the Ukrainian market basically on the next day the war ends,” stresses the head of our Ukrainian Desk.

Kochański & Partners – a well-prepared partner for international companies and consortia

For years, we have been a partner of Asian companies helping to strengthen their business presence in Europe. Our Asian Desk has many years of hands-on experience working with Korean companies operating in Poland.

Poland will be the foundation for the reconstruction of Ukraine and Korean companies are well aware that trilateral cooperation involving Warsaw, Kiev and Seoul has great prospects. Therefore, it is worth getting ready for this now and start developing detailed plans step by step,” says Markiyan Malskyy.

We know that the value of war damage has already exceeded USD 750 billion and are constantly monitoring this data, not least to understand which areas will be most attractive to investors. We can already identify a strong demand for glass, rubber, construction and energy infrastructure materials, electrical household appliances, defence and military products.

There is also a shortage of high-quality warehouses, energy structures, hospitals, medical rehabilitation centres, demining equipment and road infrastructure.

We also keep our finger on the pulse of ongoing and planned tender processes.

We are currently supporting our clients in more than 100 international procurement contracts, which include the purchase of computers, water monitoring systems, generators, drones and other similar equipment.

In the context of Ukraine reconstruction, there is huge potential for projects and ventures in the field of energy, technological cooperation and smart investments in high quality infrastructure, hence the presence at the Forum of Wojciech Wrochna, head of Energy, Infrastructure & Environment Practices Group.

Networking – the lifeblood of successful business

The unprovoked war against Ukraine is having a major impact on the Polish domestic market. High demand in Ukraine means soaring prices in Poland. We have already seen this with generators, power banks, cars and water treatment products.

Therefore, one of the key elements of events such as the Korea-Poland Economic Forum is effective networking, through which business representatives can meet to address and discuss the most important issues and solve emerging problems on the spot.

This year’s Forum, organised by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), the Federation of Korean Industries and KOTRA Warsaw, brought together at least several hundred Polish and Ukrainian businesspeople and representatives of South Korea’s largest companies.

This was one of the best business events this year and I was delighted to be invited to take such an active part in it. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is doing a great job in promoting Poland as a reliable partner and an attractive place for doing business,” concludes Markiyan Malskyy.

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