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We have extensive experience in advising companies investing on both the Polish and Japanese markets. We cooperate with leading Japanese law firms to offer the highest quality of service.

Why Poland?

  • Highly skilled and young labour force (26.5 million inhabitants under the age of 55)
  • Large internal market (6th biggest country in the EU – area, population.)
  • Academic hub (1.32 million students; 335 thousand graduates annually)
  • Rapidly developing infrastructure (4th longest road network in Europe)
  • Business friendly environment (1st place in the CEE region as most attractive country to establish operations)
  • Attractive incentives (up to 15 years CIT free)

Japanese enterprises in Poland

Japan, being the world’s third largest economy, is one of the most prominent foreign investors in Poland. Currently, there are around 300 Japanese companies operating in Poland, with almost 40,000 employees. Nearly one-third of these are manufacturing companies, with the majority located in the Dolnośląskie and Mazowieckie provinces.

Since 2020, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) has supported the implementation of 66 Japanese projects with a total value of EUR 2.5 billion, contributing to the creation of over 17 thousand jobs. The vast majority of Japanese projects in Poland are in the automotive industry (30 out of 66), however other industries are also represented- from the manufacture of industrial machinery, equipment and tools, through food and consumer goods, to business services.

In recent years, because of the dynamic economic growth and intensified globalisation, Polish companies are also increasingly deciding to expand onto the Japanese market.

Kochański & Partners’ Japan Desk

We have extensive experience in advising companies investing on both the Polish and Japanese markets. We cooperate with leading Japanese law firms to offer the highest quality of service.

We are an active member of the Shokokai Employers Association (the Polish-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry), drawing its membership from nearly 100 of the largest Japanese companies operating in Poland. The objectives of the organisation are to build favourable economic and trade relations between Polish and Japanese companies, exchange experience and information, and conduct educational activities.

Our dedicated team of experts, with their in-depth understanding of Japanese business culture and market conditions and their knowledge of the Japanese language, supports Japanese companies at every stage of their operations by offering solutions tailored to their individual needs and expectations.

Jacek Kozikowski

Jacek Kozikowski, PhD, LL.M., Counsel, Head of the Japan Desk, specialises in providing assistance to Japanese companies in Poland. Jacek obtained his PhD at the prestigious Nagoya University in Japan, where he prepared and defended his dissertation on the protection of foreign investments in international law and BIT arbitration.

Jacek actively contributes to Polish-Japanese trade by supporting both Japanese companies in Poland and Polish companies in their expansion into the Japanese market.

Jacek specialises in energy and infrastructure projects, in particular greenfield investments. He provides comprehensive legal assistance at each stage of the investment process, including setting up companies, obtaining Polish Investment Zone investment incentives, obtaining construction permits, and also drafting and negotiating EPC contracts and agreements to provide services.  Jacek has unique experience in handling offshore energy projects, including representing Polish gas and electricity transmission system operators (TSO) in the construction of international offshore connections.

Jacek has authored numerous publications on various aspects of Polish-Japanese economic relations and investment opportunities.

Fujio Nakamura

Fujio Nakamura has been a consultant at Kochański & Partners Law Office since 2015. He has extensive experience in the ICT sector (marketing and sales of International Telecommunication company and Systems Integrators) , the Energy sector (as a researcher for International Energy company), the Manufacturing sector (a manufacturing manager) and in International Project Management in servicing Japanese and Polish companies in Japan and Poland. He is familiar with the Polish market and speaks Polish, making him a valuable source of information for Japanese entrepreneurs looking to enter the Polish market. He works with K & P’s group of lawyers serving Japanese companies in Poland.

How we can help

We are active in the sectors of the economy which are key to Japanese companies:

  • automotive,
  • technology,
  • energy,
  • food,
  • aviation and railways, engineering,
  • research and development,
  • shared services centres.

 Our comprehensive support covers, among others, the following areas:

  • implementation of greenfield and brownfield investments,
  • transaction services,
  • comprehensive day-to-day legal services and business consultancy,
  • advice on employment and tax issues
  • assessment of the possibility of using tax incentives, including the IP Box and R&D tax reliefs,
  • obtaining state subsidies.

Our experience

  1. Japanese global air-conditioning producer
    Legal assistance on the cross-border merger with a group of Polish companies and their subsequent corporate reorganization.
  1. Japanese manufacturing plant in Poland
    Legal assistance to a local structure of the Japanese manufacturer of semi-finished products for the automotive industry, with a manufacturing plant in Poland. The full scope legal assistance includes general corporate law, public aid, HR including matters of immigration law as well as ensuring compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  1. Japanese multinational construction company
    Full scope legal assistance to a major Japanese multinational construction company with its operations in Poland. Our assistance include daily support in corporate law, construction law as well as HR and GDPR compliance.
  1. Polish-Japanese technology start-up
    Legal support to a Polish-Japanese joint venture in the robotics industry, our involvement included establishment of an R&D center in Poland, support related with securing industrial property rights, and analysis related with qualification of the company for tax incentives for R&D activities such as IP Box and R&D tax relief.
  1. Japanese IT company
    Legal support related to immigration law in particular concerning residence permits application for a Japanese employee seconded to Poland.
  1. Japanese restaurant chain
    Introduction of a Japanese restaurant chain to the Polish market, our full scope involvement includes establishing a company in Poland, structuring the company’s operation, and HR related matters, including  residence /work permits.
  1. Japanese regional energy group
    Advising the company on the legal aspects of the Polish capacity market.
  1. Japanese multinational bank
    Advising a Japanese bank on: disclosure obligations arising from prudential requirements for credit institutions and investment firms in respect of securities lending agreements; adjusting loan agreements to changes in LIBOR regulations; adjusting documentation relating to foreign exchange forward and swap transactions being entered into and carried out to the requirements of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).
  1. Japanese international trade agency
    Preparing a report on Polish corporate law aimed at facilitating operation of Japanese management officers in Poland, providing yearly updates on information documents for Japanese investors concerning among others Polish corporate law, tax law, public support schemes, including Polish Economic Zones/Polish Investment Zone and  the regulation of foreign capital in Poland etc.
  1. Japanese multinational technology company
    Advisory related to the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights, especially regarding the counterfeiting of products.
  1. Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company
    Legal assistance in IP matters including an SPC case being an intellectual property right that extends the duration of certain rights associated with a patent.
  1. Japan FMCG company
    Legal assistance in IP matters including an SPC case being an intellectual property right that extends the duration of certain rights associated with a patent.

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