New Commercial Companies Code Forum

Date: 13 October 2022

Time: 10:00 - 11:30


On 13 October, the amended Commercial Companies Code will enter into force. The most significant changes concern the operation of groups of companies and the principles of management and supervision in capital companies. Accordingly, these topics will be the focus of discussion at Forum Nowego KSH, which will be held online on 11 October.

Aneta Serowik, Counsel from the Corporate Practice will present the issues of ‘New powers, responsibilities and liability rules for board members’. And Rafał Rapala, Partner and Head of Corporate Practice, will speak about ‘New potential provisions in the articles of association. Changes to the term of office and mandates to hold office for members of corporate bodies’.

During the event, experts and guests will discuss issues such as:

  • Rights of groups of companies (under holding law)
  • Changes concerning supervisory boards of capital companies
  • Changes concerning management boards of capital companies
  • Introduction of models taken from the rules on the bodies of simple joint stock companies into the rules governing limited liability companies and joint stock companies
  • Extension of the list of offences the commission of which precludes one from holding office in limited liability companies.

The full agenda of the meeting is available on the organiser’s website.