Kochański & Partners – Founder of the Anti-Fraud Association

For many years now, we have observed with great concern the growing level of economic crime and abuse affecting Polish companies. This has made us aware not only of the inherent weakness of the system, but also of the limited effectiveness of ad hoc actions, which do not significantly reduce the problem while consuming large amounts of money.


A merciless trend

Polish companies from both the public and private sectors are losing – according to various sources – a total of several dozen billion zlotys as a result of economic abuse and fraud. The most common crimes include:

  • acts of unfair competition,
  • property theft,
  • corruption,
  • counterfeiting of products,
  • acts by untrustworthy personnel,
  • tax fraud,
  • bid rigging,
  • cybercrime,
  • economic espionage.


No comprehensive solutions

In our opinion, it is only with the extensive cooperation of all interested parties, i.e. those businesses affected by fraud, companies specializing in anti-fraud activities, lawyers, crisis management specialists and public administration bodies, that the much-needed changes can be brought about.

For this reason we have decided to create a platform for building relations and fostering a shared view on business security, with the exchange of good practices and contacts, towards the prevention and counteracting of the economic abuses afflicting Polish business.


Objectives of the Association

By bringing together the key stakeholders, we want to take joint initiatives, act together as a single industry, contribute to public debate and initiate the necessary legislative change. To this end we have invited over 40 companies from various industries to join our initiative.

The activities of the platform, which will eventually become an association, will focus on the identification, combat and prevention of economic crime taking into account the specific nature of individual sectors. We are convinced that cooperation and exchange of experiences is the only real solution and an effective alternative to traditional forms of action.

We also intend to cooperate with other organizations of this type, and build international relations. Furthermore, our goal is to establish partnership work with government agencies on legislative initiatives and in day-to-day operations. We are going to train our members and others, issue opinions, contribute to public debate and take action against fraud.

We encourage you to contribute to the creation of our association.



Maciej Mackiewicz – Advocate, Partner, Head of Technologies / Data Protection / Forensic Practice

Marta Jaśkiewicz-Łajszczak – Associate, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care & Life Sciences