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ITR World Tax 2024 Ranking | Agata Dziwisz-Moshe and Andrzej Malec again individually recommended

The end of August and the beginning of September are associated for many with the end of the holidays and the carefree summer, and the need to return to offices and schools. There is no denying that autumn is on its way. Fortunately, there are also reasons to be happy. In our case, this is due to the announcement of individual recommendations in the ITR World Tax 2024 list, crowning this year’s ranking cycle.

ITR World Tax 2024 recognises the best legal and tax experts

Agata Dziwisz-Moshe and Andrzej Malec can once again boast the title of Highly regarded tax experts in Transactional tax and General corporate tax, respectively.

According to the editors of the ranking, the title of ‘Highly regarded’ is only awarded to those practitioners who “are highly regarded by their peers and the wider market and who possess a strong track record in dealing with significant matters”.

Our sincere congratulations to both Agata and Andrzej and their entire team!

Buoyed by this positive news, we are already making detailed plans for new projects in the coming Autumn months.

In the meantime, remember that we will keep you up to date on the key tax changes and developments in our Tax Focus newsletter ( and on other important business issues in our monthly publication The Right Focus.

So it’s worth joining us and getting ready to get back to business together!

For the full ranking results, please follow this link.

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