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The Chamber of Fund and Asset Managers (IZFiA) brings together investment fund companies, supports their development and promotion, disseminates knowledge about the industry’s activities and, above all, initiates and supports projects aimed at improving and implementing market best practices. The IZFiA’s latest major project is the Cloud Deployment Model, developed in collaboration with our Technology Practice team.

A source of best practice in technology law

The Cloud Model for Investment Funds is a set of principles and guidelines that provide practical guidance for cloud-related projects and policies in the investment fund sector.

It explains how regulatory requirements should be implemented, and includes a number of ready-to-use tools to enhance data security and standardise processes within individual organisations, such as an information classification matrix.

It is based on the Polish Cloud 2.0 document, co-developed with the Polish Bank Association.

The Cloud Computing Model we developed is an important and useful tool for investment fund operations to facilitate the implementation of cloud computing in their IT systems. Investment funds and investment fund companies process a very large amount of information on a daily basis, including in particular legally protected information. It is therefore important to maintain advanced security and information protection mechanisms in full compliance with applicable legislation, reports Małgorzata Rusewicz, IZFiA President.

A common cloud standard for IZFiA members saves time, money and improves cyber security

The aim of the Model was to support the digital transformation of investment fund companies. The immediate reasons for its creation were new regulations and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s communication on information processing by supervised entities using public or hybrid cloud computing services.

As the exclusive legal partner for the project, we prepared the full documentation and provided legal expertise at every stage. Our Technology team led and facilitated the working group discussions, giving representatives of various entities the opportunity to address all concerns and jointly develop appropriate and satisfactory solutions. The Model makes use of best practices, robustly tested in other sectors, and takes into account the legal and organisational specificities of IZFiA members.

Our goal was to support the digital transformation of investment funds, which are considered highly sensitive and require special attention due to strict regulatory requirements and industry specifics, stresses Piotr Kochański, Managing Partner and Head of the Technology Practice at Kochański & Partners.

With the Model, funds are now able to respond more efficiently and effectively to the demands of deploying cloud services, using a single, common and understandable standard, while ensuring the highest levels of cyber security and information protection for their clients, adds Piotr Kochański.

One of the reasons why we are a preferred partner for technology projects is our extensive experience and practical know-how in developing legal standards for highly regulated sectors.

Among other things, we are a member of the Polish Bank Association’s working groups, where we co-created PolishCloud Standard 1.0 and 2.0. This puts us at the centre of the most important processes related to digitalisation, giving us both the knowledge and the contacts to help clients with all issues related to technological transformation and innovation.

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