ICLG – Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations 2024: an overview of Polish legislation governing the telecommunications and audiovisual media market

The International Comparative Legal Guides are an internationally renowned series of publications and practical guides to cross-border law. This year, we were responsible for preparing the Polish contribution to the ICLG report – Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations 2024, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the legislation in force in Poland and the situation in the domestic telecommunications, audiovisual media distribution and cyber security markets.

Polish telecommunications sector

In our report, we discuss in detail the rules governing the telecommunications sector. We highlight the types of telecommunications licenses, the rules of their transfer, their duration and restrictions. We also discuss the issues of infrastructure, access to land and specific regulations on their use for the provision of telecommunications services. We also cover special licenses and requirements for VoIP services and specific rules on the use of telephone numbers and the presentation of dynamic call line identification.

Use of radio spectrum

With regard to the broadcasting sector, the report examines spectrum authorisation processes, including spectrum allocation procedures, and discusses spectrum licensing issues and possible changes.

Cyber security

The report outlines the regulatory framework for cyber security, with a particular focus on the requirements for telecommunications operators. We analyse the legal framework regarding the ability of the state (e.g. the police and security services) to access private communications and the possibility of intercepting communications. We also examine specific cyber security requirements in the telecommunications sector, cloud services and social media platforms.

Regulation of intermediaries and platforms

Of particular importance is the regulation of companies operating as intermediaries or platforms, connecting consumers to goods, services and content. We discuss the proposals and regulations for social media platforms in relation to online security and content.

Audiovisual media distribution

The report also includes a detailed discussion of the Polish audiovisual media distribution sector, including both traditional TV broadcasting and popular streaming services which have recently undergone a process of transformation due to the introduction of digital platforms.

Market opening and foreign investment

We also examine the state of liberalisation in the telecommunications and media sector, with increasing foreign investment, investment restrictions and competitive pressures. We also look at the impact of Poland’s accession to the EU on the rapid growth of foreign-owned media.

Legal regimes for broadcasters

We also discuss different legal regimes for different types of broadcasters operating in Poland, distinguishing between public and non-public media.

Broadcasting licenses

The report also analyses the conditions for obtaining broadcasting licenses from the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) and examines the issues of transferring such licenses to other entities.

ICLG – Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations 2024

The ICLG report provides a comprehensive insight into the regulation and situation of the telecommunications, broadcasting and cyber security sector in Poland.

It outlines the complex and dynamically changing regulatory environment and highlights the importance of adapting to global standards and technological requirements, as well as the need to protect consumers and ensure security in cyberspace.

The full report is available here.

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