Aneta Serowik and Witold Głuchowski – new Partners who prove that in business you can always go higher, further and stronger

In business, success is often the result of many factors. It starts with a good idea at the right time and place, and the determination to see it through. Then there is hard work, a bit of luck, the right contacts, sound investments and bold decisions. And of course much more.

But the longevity of the business, its long-term development and financial success are the result of well thought-out, carefully planned actions implemented on the basis of strategy, optimal procedures and first-class corporate governance. That is why entrepreneurs need proven advisors and partners who speak their language, are able to adapt solutions to the specific needs of a particular business and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Because the goal is always the same. To change the world for the better.

Aneta Serowik – new Partner in the Corporate Law and Litigation Practice

From the very beginning of her career, Aneta Serowik knew exactly where she wanted to go and she pursued her professional goals with determination. As a result, she is now one of our most prominent specialists in commercial law, capital markets and corporate disputes. And a new Partner in our Corporate Law and Litigation Practice.

Aneta has extensive experience in advising on a wide range of corporate matters, including but not limited to corporate governance, restructuring and rehabilitation processes and all types of disputes..

She advises clients at the pre-litigation stage and participates in numerous and multifaceted proceedings before common courts. She also represents companies in negotiations, including before public authorities and at Management and Supervisory Board meetings.

But most importantly, our new Partner in the Corporate Law and Disputes Practice has a tremendous business and product understanding, which allows her to understand the specific needs of clients, speak the language of business and skilfully combine legal issues with the practical aspects of running a business.

I don’t want to tell my Clients that something is happening or being done ‘because that’s the way it has to be’. I prefer to focus on providing effective solutions to their very specific problems, says Aneta Serowik.

Aneta’s clients include Polish and foreign companies, international groups and financial institutions, as well as private equity investors and individuals serving on management and supervisory boards.

Nowadays, companies know their business environment very well and are excellent at identifying risks and threats. What they need is an expert assessment of the likelihood of these risks materialising and how to prepare for them. And that is exactly the kind of concrete and pragmatic partner we want to be for businesses, adds Aneta Serowik.

A speaker at conferences and training sessions and author of articles on commercial law, Aneta has also been recommended in international legal rankings, including The Legal 500, in the areas of corporate and commercial law and M&A transactions, restructuring and insolvency, and private equity transactions.


Witold Głuchowski – new Partner in the Corporate and Commercial Litigation and White-Collar Crime Practice

Running a business always involves risks – every business owner knows that. But cases involving criminal business and fiscal law, difficult, highly complex disputes or, ultimately, white-collar crime are the most serious cases that business advisers have to deal with, and a risk that business leaders do not want to experience. This is all the more the case as regulators and law enforcement agencies become more determined and effective, including internationally, and as compliance and corporate governance regulations become more stringent.

This is why businesses need support and tools to monitor and effectively mitigate these most serious risks.

And this is why business chooses people like Witold Głuchowski, an advocate with very broad experience in commercial disputes and white-collar crime, who navigates risk management issues with remarkable agility and knows how to resolve even the most difficult, complex crisis situations. This is also one of the reasons why he was made a Partner in the Corporate and Commercial Litigation and White-Collar Crime Practice.

Operating in today’s marketplace is increasingly regulated and therefore increasingly complex from a manager’s perspective. Our role is to guide our clients safely through the regulatory jungle, taking into account both their business objectives and the associated risks. My goal is always to assist clients in such a way that they can completely eliminate the risk of non-compliance in their organisation, says Witold Głuchowski.

Our new Partner, who has worked in international law firms handling complex commercial and criminal litigation, also has impressive experience in providing day-to-day compliance advice to businesses, including anti-corruption, whistleblowing and AML procedures.

Witold’s clients include some of Poland’s largest e-commerce companies, financial institutions, public companies and artists’ associations. He successfully conducts proceedings against the State Treasury for losses caused by the actions of its bodies.

Witold is also a qualified ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Information Security Management System Internal Auditor.

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Witold Zbigniew Głuchowski

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