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The weather may still be spoiling us, but autumn is on its way and this is always a busy time in and around the law. And there is an extraordinary amount of news this year, as we all know.

Aneta Serowik writes about corporate law and the entry into force of the so-called Warzywniak Act. Malwina Jagiełło and Julia Majewska analyse the new regulations aimed at facilitating trade in private agricultural property. Jan Ziomek compares the UKNF’s new and original guidelines on the remote establishment of customer relationships, and Mirosław Malczeski and Jan Janukowicz take a look at a new line of decisions by the tax authorities on settlements by board members who also provide services to their companies.

Also Bartłomiej Galos and Mateusz Koc are looking for changes, and fundamental ones at that, from the new regulations aimed at protecting those who engage in public participation from SLAPP lawsuits. On their part, Jakub Krysa and Michał Waraksa have high hopes for the positive effects of the certification procedure for bidders in public procurement.

Finally, Paweł Mardas, writing about well-planned M&A transactions, and Magdalena Papiernik-König, writing about legal project management, remind us of what matters the most. The value of people and their talent. Not only for companies and business.

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SLAPP: What’s new

Poles, and primarily those who serve civil society, need regulations to protect their participation in public life more than any other EU citizens, with Poland notorious for leading the pack in the number of SLAPPs filed, according to the CASE Foundation report.

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