Renegotiation of commercial contracts

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has made it difficult for many companies to perform contracts concluded to date. These difficulties are very often caused by circumstances beyond the companies’ control (for example, where a company imports parts for a machine from abroad and the importer’s production has been interrupted or closed down completely due to the quarantine of a large part of the importer’s workforce or the complete closure of the factory).

The current global situation requires a new approach to existing contracts. The contracts concluded to date may no longer fit with the external situation and require a flexible approach.

Renegotiation of contracts comprises not only a change of basic commercial terms and conditions (such as: price and payment terms), but also the rules of liability of parties involved.

The law provides for a series of solutions which, if introduced into the contract, could be beneficial to both parties and lead to a harmonious and efficient performance of the contract.


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