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(Re)building (new) Ukraine

In today’s edition of Puls Biznesu Jakub Krysa explains how the process of rebuilding Ukraine is going and to what extent Polish companies are involved.

We are constantly monitoring contracts for Ukraine and supporting Polish businesses in establishing international relations, setting up companies, working with Ukrainian businesses and taking part in tenders.

There are urgent contracts, e.g. for the supply of generators, medical equipment or the reconstruction of hospitals, heating networks or sewage systems. And many such contracts are not announced publicly, with some being agreed between the Polish and Ukrainian administrations and executed directly. For, in times of war, one cannot always wait weeks to submit a bid or file an appeal.

There are also procurements announced by international institutions such as the World Bank, UN, EBRD or EIB. Information about these procurements is available to the public, but it pays to be vigilant, as the deadlines are very short. It is also useful to be well acquainted with the tendering procedures of these institutions and be able to quickly collect the necessary documents.

Contracts and investments are being implemented, and investors know where to look and how to smoothly navigate the maze of regulations. And also where they can find the best support.

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Jakub Krysa

Source: Puls Biznesu

Date: 4 April 2023

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