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Public-private partnerships: New financing opportunities for local authorities in Poland

A dynamic transformation is changing the financial landscape in Poland. This shift is opening up new opportunities for local authorities, private investment, M&A and public-private partnership (PPP) initiatives.

This topic was discussed by Marek Król, Partner and Head of Banking and Finance, during the recent expert panel on “How can local authorities finance their development?”, as part of the 13th European Financial Congress in Sopot.

PPPs – an innovative financing solution for local authorities

PPP-based financing models are an option that is increasingly being considered by local authorities. In practice, PPPs bring multiple benefits, not only financial, but also operational, technological and social,” says Marek Król.

Despite growing investment needs, local authorities face difficulties and barriers in assuming financial obligations, such as credits or loans, or issuing municipal bonds.

Local authorities’ appetite for capital is growing steadily, but the opportunities for raising funds from traditional sources are clearly shrinking. In this context, PPPs are becoming an increasingly attractive financing model,” stresses Marek Król.

PPPs, private investment and M&A financing sources

There is also growing interest from foreign capital, including from the U.S., Korea and Western Europe, which is willing to finance Polish local authorities by investing in infrastructure, modernisation, new energy sources and electromobility. These investments can be delivered either via conventional means or PPPs, opening up new opportunities for local authorities.

Marek Król also points to the possibility of creating renewable energy sources in specific areas, such as energy clusters, which can integrate both electricity producers and direct consumers, without having to connect to the electricity grid.

PPPs as a catalyst for local authority development

Waste-to-energy and waste-to-hydrogen policies are other areas of strong financial interest, including as part of PPP initiatives.

However, these investments require a stable regulatory environment open to investors.

Legal stability is essential. We need to address the legal barriers that are currently holding back investment development,” says Król . “This is particularly important in the context of PPPs, where long-term legal certainty is crucial for investors.”

Properly directed and managed private investment and PPP activities can play a key role in the development of Polish local authorities and the economy as a whole.

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