Monika Wojciechowska

Chief Financial Officer

Monika Wojciechowska
+48 22 326 9671

Monika is responsible for co-creating and implementing our business strategy, including plans and processes for the development of our practice areas. She also manages the Financial Policy and Cash Flow, and using data from our automated management information and control system, co-creates and approves investment plans, as well as Practice development concepts, whilst also managing the Finance and Accounting Department.

Monika specialises in comprehensive economic, financial and sales analyses, reviewing cost policies on a daily basis to ensure constant control of cash flow. She develops and adjusts Practice budgets, supervising their business models, whilst taking care of budget implementation within the Firm in close cooperation with the Managing Partner and Practice leaders.

In her daily work, Monika uses IRAAPORT (Internet Remote Actions and Paper Observance Registrar Technology), our proprietary ERP-class IT system for professional law firm management, being responsible for creating, optimising and developing IRAAPORT solutions as one of the architects.

Monika effectively manages large, multi-stage transactions via IRAAPORT, which provides access to information on costs, status and profitability of projects, whilst ensuring fast and secure document flow, and real-time reporting of achieved results.

Monika combines work with her passion for project management, business effectiveness, HR management and therapeutic coaching.

Languages: Polish, English

Education: Corporate Finance and Accounting (Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, MA, 2011), Independent Accountant (2011), Chief Accountant (2016)