Markiyan Malskyy and Marek Jeżewski among Poland’s top arbitrators in Chambers Global 2023 ranking

The peaceful resolution of disputes is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most versatile skills we can possess. From this perspective, arbitration is a kind of art, the mastery of which is only achieved by a few. That is why we should take every opportunity to celebrate those who can stand out as role models in this field, and a natural way to do this is always with the announcement of the results of specialised rankings, in which the best of the best are judged. And two of our arbitration experts, Marek Jeżewski and Markiyan Malskyy, have joined this group.

The results of Chambers Global 2023 have been released

Arbitration requires the highest level of substantive competence and expertise, combined with empathy and the ability to create a space for dialogue.

What are the characteristics of the best arbitrators?

  • Domain knowledge, so that clients do not have to explain the obvious to their advisors
  • Deep market knowledge, and the ability to understand legal and business assumptions
  • Practical experience and in-depth knowledge to not only anticipate events or processes, but to anticipate and prevent any potential negative consequences
  • The ability to manage emotions rather than escalate them, and to use compelling language that builds understanding

Why is this so important? Because it is these qualities that enable the best arbitrators to win the trust and respect of both sides in what are, after all, not easy disputes.

And it is precisely these qualities that Marek and Markiyan possess, having been individually recommended in this year’s Chambers Global 2023 ranking in the “Dispute Resolution: Arbitration” category.

Marek Jeżewski and Markiyan Malskyy, arbitration experts recognised by the international market

This year Marek has improved his position, which has been noticed and commented on by the publishers:

Marek Jeżewski climbs in the ranking this year thanks to strong market support. He specialises in international arbitration, regularly representing companies against state institutions and dealing with commercial arbitration cases. Marek also represents clients in state aid cases before the European Commission and the CJEU”.

The jury also paid close attention to Markiyan Malskyy, who was one of only two individuals in Poland to receive a recommendation in the Dispute Resolution sub-category (Foreign Expert for Ukraine).

Congratulations! We’re sure to hear of further successes from our very talented colleagues soon.

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Marek Jeżewski, PhD

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Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

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