Jakub Dittmer is the winner of the 18th edition of the DGP Ranking of Tax Firms and Tax Advisors in the Customs category

In the last days of March the results of the 18th edition of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna’s Ranking of Tax Firms and Tax Advisors were published, with the list of winners showing the firms and experts setting the highest standards on the market. The ranking is based on the level of tax services, the use of innovative solutions and the effectiveness in obtaining groundbreaking rulings.

Commenting on this year’s ranking, Katarzyna Jędrzejewska, Head of the Tax Division at the DGP, noted the particularly high level of submissions. This year you had to really stand out from the crowd to make it to the final round.

We are therefore all the more proud that Jakub Dittmer from our Tax Practice was the undisputed winner in the Customs category.

The right man in the right place at the perfect time

Jakub’s victory was the result of a lightning-fast and successful operation that began with an unexpected regulation banning the import of agricultural products from Ukraine.

The new regulations, which came into force overnight, caught not only the market and traders completely by surprise, but also the tax authorities themselves. This had painful consequences for everyone, including our client, whose goods were illegally stopped at the border. And this could have resulted in serious fines running into millions of zlotys.

In this situation, our tax team developed a strategy and drafted an opinion stating that goods from Ukraine should be allowed to enter the territory of Poland. Our position was confirmed before the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and all this took only about two weeks.

It should be noted that in a normal appeal process this time would have been extended to two or even three months.

Champions in tax advice

This project is just one example of the support our clients can count on, as we treat each case individually, carefully analysing the specifics and the legal and business environment of the company in light of its problem.

We select the best measures and, when traditional mechanisms seem inadequate, we propose innovative solutions. Our aim is always to guide our clients safely to their chosen destination.

Our sincere congratulations to Jakub and Aleksanda Pizon-Jaworska who assisted him, and to the entire Tax Team!

The full results of the ranking, together with the chapter’s comments, can be found on the website of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

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