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Four facets of tax changes

Tax regulations are the most frequently amended legislation. This has been the case for a long time, but the scale and speed of recent changes are unprecedented. However, the direction of the changes is unclear. On the one hand, we are experiencing a clear tightening of regulations by the tax authorities, but on the other, new preferences for taxpayers are emerging.

How to navigate the maze of ever-changing tax regulations?

We aim to help you keep up to date with the dynamically changing tax laws. To this end, we have created the “Tax 2020/2021 – Four facets of tax changes” service containing a summary of the most significant tax developments. This summary presents regulations that are crucial from a taxpayer’s perspective and their practical impact on business. We also advise you on how best to adapt to new or amended regulations. Our service will be updated to include important changes in these areas.

We have grouped the recent tax changes into four categories:




New taxes

We encourage you to make use of our “Tax 2020/2021 – Four facets of tax changes” update by clicking on the link.

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Agata Dziwisz-Moshe

Advocate, Partner, Head of Tax Practice

+48 668 886 370