Draft shield package for companies – tax issues

On behalf of the Kochański & Partners tax advisory team, we would like to update you on the provisional draft “Shield Package for Companies” being developed in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Below please find a summary of main assumptions of the proposed changes regarding tax issues, which may be beneficial for entrepreneurs.     […]

Banking Law | Loans | Bank Guarantee Fund

The global situation related to the spread of COVID-19 is also having a significant impact on the banking sector. Banks, in cooperation with other institutions, are taking urgent measures to maintain financial stability and support their customers. The current situation is undoubtedly problematic for both banks and their customers, which is why it is so […]

Anti-crisis shield – salary subsidy scheme

Current as of 23 March 2020 (draft Amendment to the Act on Special Arrangements for the Prevention, Control and Management of COVID‑19, Other Infectious Diseases and the Resulting Emergencies, and Certain Other Acts, the “Bill”) Consultations are ongoing on draft new regulations to introduce anti-crisis shield solutions. Many employers are eagerly anticipating the details of […]

Ongoing legal actions in the absence of key personnel

Ongoing legal actions in the absence of key personnel (quarantine, isolation, sanitary cordons, etc.)   Ensuring business continuity and leadership succession in companies and enterprises, e.g.: granting or revoking commercial proxies and other powers of attorney (as appropriate), filling vacancies in management boards, including in subsidiaries and capital groups, obtaining current extracts, excerpts, certified copies, […]

New chance policy of the Government – complex support for undertakings

In view of the current economic situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for complex support for undertakings is a fact. The shield package presented by the Government on March 24, 2020 included the draft Act on granting public aid for rescuing or restructuring undertakings, a.k.a. the New Chance Policy. Over 10 years, PLN […]

COVID-19 I Comprehensive financial and legal support to the hotel real estate sector

Kochański & Partners (K&P) is a business law firm employing over 100 persons, and offering innovative and effective legal solutions using the highest professional standards within the legal industry. Kochański & Partners specialises in providing legal and financial advisory services to the real estate industry, including the hotel sector. At the turn of 2019, we […]

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