Pride Month

Celebrating Pride Month

We started by symbolically changing the colours of our logo. Rainbow colour was with us throughout June, which is already being celebrated worldwide as Pride Month.

Pride Month – why it all happens in June

Pride Month is a symbolic reference to the events that gave rise to the LGBT+ liberation movements.

On the night of 27/28 June 1969, for the third time in a week, the police raided the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, New York – a venue that was a regular meeting place for non-heteronormative people and their friends. The brutal and humiliating actions of the police officers were met with resistance by the minority, who had long been under attack by the authorities.

The situation escalated into continuous protests over the following days. A year later, the first equality marches took to the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Soon the tradition of marching was adopted by other cities, first in America and then around the world.

Today, Pride Month is celebrated with colourful, loud and joyful parades and equality marches, and during this time, the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, solidarity, support, inclusion and acceptance are often discussed. It is a celebration of being proud to be yourself.

Why we are celebrating Pride Month at Kochański & Partners

In our daily work and business life, we want to create a space where everyone can feel at home – confident, comfortable and safe. We value each other and embrace diversity, no matter how old we are, who we love, what colour our skin is or where we come from. As a law firm, we also have a special moral obligation in this context to ensure that human rights are respected and to oppose all forms of exclusion.

Although we have always been allies and friends of the LGBT community, this year we have decided to make it even clearer.

How we celebrated Pride Month

When planning the formula for Pride Month celebrations within the firm, we wanted to incentivise our colleagues.

So we invited them to take part in interactive games with prizes of books dealing with issues of exclusion, stereotyping, transgenderism and patriarchy, which affects not only women but also men.

Knowing the value of challenging one’s own, often strongly held, beliefs, we encouraged people to take a psychological test on unconscious bias.

To make sure that openness and sensitivity to others stay with us for longer, we have expanded our circular library resources.

And all this took place under the banner of our firm’s rainbow logo, which our clients certainly noticed. All mailings, invitations to our events and newsletters throughout June were rainbow coloured.

And not only did our colleagues enthusiastically join in the Pride Month celebrations, they also took part in the Warsaw Equality Parade. We are delighted to have joined together to show our support and openness to diversity. And our rainbow hearts will be with us for a long time to come.

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