AI for Everyone – Prospects for Business and Challenges for Companies

Date: 13 June

Time: 18:00-20:00

Place: Closed event for members of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce


Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our reality, having long since moved beyond Silicon Valley into the sphere of everyday business. Today, AI can be found in virtually every industry, as machines effectively support many complex processes. From design, engineering and production, through research, marketing, sales and logistics to HR, administration and back office. EU legislation, with the AI Act and GDPR leading the way, is trying to keep up.

You don’t need to run a technology company to use AI. Do you hire people through specialised headhunters who are supported by artificial intelligence? Do you outsource marketing activities to an agency that works with ChatGPT and Midjourney? Keep in mind that the broadest impact of the AI Act will be on those who use external AI-based tools, and are even more likely to use vendors supported by AI tools.

The new regulations will undoubtedly lead any conscious, growth- and transparency-minded company to want to regulate its procedures related to the use of AI, particularly those already using AI-based tool providers.

However, this will require the implementation of a number of internal procedures and policies, as well as updating existing documents.

And this is what we will be discussing at the AI for Everyone meeting – prospects for business and challenges for companies.

With experts from the AI industry as well as business people and practitioners, we will come together to discuss the latest trends and the future of machines in business applications.


We will:

  • Look at how artificial intelligence can transform various aspects of business operations
  • Focus on the ethical aspects of AI, its impact on increasing operational efficiency, and the key issues of data security and privacy in the collection and processing of information
  • Find out whether the new European regulations will also apply to non-technology industries, and whether the relevant obligations will affect not only Big Tech or developers of AI-based systems
  • Highlight the often non-obvious business processes that involve artificial intelligence.
  • Show the opportunities offered by the use of artificial intelligence in wider business operations
  • Discuss the key procedural requirements for the implementation and use of AI, arising from the AI Act and data protection and privacy legislation

Attendees will learn what internal procedures and policies need to be implemented in their organisations to comply with the latest regulations.

We will discuss documents such as the General AI Policy, AI Principles, AI Ethics Guidelines, AI Incident Management Policy, AI Training Policy, Standard Assessment Procedures and impact assessment questionnaires (including but not limited to AI self-assessment, initial AI assessment, AI vendor assessment, (D)PIA), code of conduct, etc.)


  • António Pinto Júnior, Member of the Management Board, Millenium Bank
  • Marek Złakowski, Director of Customer Relationship Development & Digitalisation, Jeronimo Martins Polska
  • Michał Jaworski, National Technology Officer, Microsoft
  • Jan Ziomek, Partner, Head of FinTech, Kochański & Partners

Moderator: Natalia Kotłowska-Wochna, Partner, NewTech, Kochański & Partners

Who is this event for?

Anyone who wants to learn how AI is shaping the future of business in the global marketplace, how artificial intelligence can transform a company’s business, and practical solutions to the challenges of adapting to new technologies.


This is an onsite event for members of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

AI for Everyone - Prospects for Business and Challenges for Companies

13 June


Closed event for members of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

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