• szybcy i precyzyjni
    efficient and meticulous
    local yet global
    lokalni i zglobalizowani
    traditional but innovative
    tradycyjni i innowacyjni
    open and dependable
    ambitni i uprzejmi
    ambitious but respectful
    effective and affordable
    skuteczni i dostępni
    conservative but sharp
    konserwatywni i nowocześni
    creative but clear-sighted
    twórczy i realistyczni
    nowatorscy i rzetelni

Firm profile

Business Law Firm: We are a business orientated Law Firm dedicated to providing our clients with business solutions of the highest professional standards in various kinds of transactions as well as in dispute resolution and arbitration matters.

Success: Our reputation has been built by adapting and refining our skills to meet the challenges presented by Poland’s transformation.

Creative, effective and clearsighted: The Firm employs highly qualified, business orientated professionals with multilingual expertise in a wide range of Industries and Practice Areas.

Approach: To provide traditional but innovative solutions to the most challenging transactions and matters.

Local yet Global: Membership of the internationally recognized legal associations below means our Clients receive our full support in both local and cross-jurisdictional transactions.


Kochański Zięba & Partners honoured for its support for the development of mediation in Poland.
2Kochański Zięba & Partners Business Law Firm has been honoured by Centrum Mediacji Lewiatan (Lewiatan Mediation Centre) and Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju (Civic Development Forum) for its support for the development of mediation in Poland, in particular for its firm “YES” to court-referred mediation in the Commercial Mediation Year 2015. On 28 October 2015, at a conference under the theme “Mediation as a New Category in Legal Practice”, Piotr Kochański and Tobiasz Szychowski, attorneys at law, received the award granted to our law firm. “Kochański Zięba & Partners agrees to court mediation because it is beneficial to our clients – we believe in our professional ethos and that’s why we focus on our clients’ needs and interests. If based on our legal analysis and our assessment of evidence and the potential outcome of the proceedings in a given case we conclude that a settlement without a trial is in the client’s best interests, and the client has approved such solution, then this is what we aim at. Clients must be aware that is it possible to use mediation to resolve disputes, so, where appropriate, we educate our clients, explain the nature and benefits of mediation to them, try to make them aware of all tools that can be used in the resolution of their disputes.”, said Piotr Kochański.   KZP dyplom uznania 2015 jpgCentrum Mediacji Lewiatan at Konfederacja Lewiatan (currently operating under the name Mazowieckie Centrum Arbitrażu i Mediacji [Masovian Arbitration and Mediation Centre] at Konfederacja Lewiatan), is an institution promoting state-of-the-art, amicable resolution of commercial disputes. The Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju Foundation was established in March 2007 by Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz, its sole founder. The objective of Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju is to change the Poles’ attitudes and the existing and planned laws in a libertarian direction. The main activities of FOR are: encouraging active citizenship and information and education activity. The conference was organised under the auspices of: the Commercial Mediation Centre at the National Chamber of Legal Advisors, the Mediation Centre at the Polish Bar Council, the American Chamber of Commerce and the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Warsaw. Rzeczpospolita was the media partner of the conference.
KZP Ambassador of Polish Economy 2015 in the "Foreign Entities' Partner" category.
IMG_6289On 23 September, Mr. Piotr Kochański collected the Ambassador of Polish Economy 2015 diploma from Minister Janusz Piechociński and Mr. Marek Goliszewski, President of the BCC, which was awarded to our Law Firm  in the "Foreign Entities' Partner" category by the Business Centre Club and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the third time that our Law Firm has been awarded the title of Ambassador. Last year we were distinguished in the “Creator of 21st Century Solutions" category.
Kochański Zięba Rapala & Partners is the only Polish law firm to be awarded in the prestigious Financial Times Innovative Lawyers 2014 ranking
KZP has been found to be one of the most innovative law firms in the World in an independent and free ranking survey conducted by the elite British newspaper, the Financial Times. For the first time in the history of the publication of the report has a Polish law firm been acclaimed. A record number of 550 applications were submitted to the organizers this year. KZP has been classified amongst several long-established leading global law firms.
KZRP, a laureate of the BCC’s and MFA’s Competition: Ambassador of Polish Economy 2014


On 17 September, Mr. Rafał Rapala accepted the Ambassador of Polish Economy 2014 diploma from the hands of Minister Katarzyna Kacperczyk and Mr. Marek Goliszewski, President of the BCC, which was awarded to our Law Firm in the category: “Creator of 21st Century solutions” by the Business Centre Club and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the second time that our Law Firm has been awarded the title of Ambassador. Last year we were distinguished in the category: “Foreign companies’ partner”.


Further details at: BCC website and at: Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

KZRP has again been awarded a laureate of the European Medal BCC
medal_europejski_pl_maj_2014KZRP has again been awarded the European Medal in the Final of the 25th Edition of the Competition organized by the Business Centre Club in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Medal has been awarded in the field of Innovates for the IRAAPORT® system, an authorial, innovative information technology tool which allows for effective and professional management and communication with clients with respect to the provision of legal services. img_8388 Mr. Marek Goliszewski, President of the BCC, presented the European Medal to Mr. Rafał Rapala during a ceremonial Gala event which took place on 4 June 2014 at Teatr Wielki.
Recommendations for KZRP from Managing Intellectual Property 2014
mipKZRP was distinguished in the international legal ranking organized annually by the Managing IP and was placed 4th amongst recommended law firms in Poland in the field of Intellectual Property (tier 4). Piotr Kochański was individually distinguished in the field of Patent Rights (Patent Star) and, Karolina Marciniszyn and Krzysztof Zięba in the category of Trademark and Copyright Law (Trademark and Copyright Star).
The Legal 500 EMEA 2014 Recommendations for KZRP’s lawyers

legal500The Legal 500 EMEA international ranking of law firms has once again distinguished our Law Firm. The following have been individually distinguished: Piotr Kochański in the field of Intellectual Property, Rafał Rapala in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, Tobiasz Szychowski in the field of Dispute Resolution and Małgorzata Jarosińska in the field of Real Estate Law. Among the recommended practices were: Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, M&A, Litigation, Banking & Finance, Real Estate Law, Energy and Environmental Protection Law, and Tax Law.

  • Newletter February 2016

    Public Procurement Law Draft Amendment download pdf
  • Newletter January 2016

    Draft law on the manners of restoring equality of the parties to certain facility and loan agreements download pdf
  • Newletter May 2015

    Draft amendments to the Polish banking act and the consumer credit act download pdf
  • Newletter September 2015

    Act on handling of complaints by financial market operators and on the financial ombudsman download pdf
  • Newletter June 2015

    Real Estate lease as an alternative to financing download pdf
  • Newletter April 2015

    Bank Enforcement Order download pdf
  • Newletter February 2015

    New Bond o Act Feb-2015 download pdf
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