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We have been talking about the necessity of post-war reconstruction in Ukraine from the very beginning. And always concretely, because we have people, like Jakub Krysa, who is up to date with current tenders and procedures, formal requirements and good practices. He knows where to look for verified information on public procurement, what the administrative path looks like, and how to effectively compete and win partnerships from Ukrainian companies.

Or like Markiyan Malskyy, who is meticulous in gathering information on the scale of the damage and knows exactly how many billions of euros it will cost to rebuild, where the needs are most urgent and how to effectively raise funds for the planned work.

This makes us natural partners for initiatives such as Unity4Ukraine. During a meeting organised jointly with Unity Group and Foundation Ukraine, we discussed the prospects and plans for rebuilding Ukraine and the strong involvement of Polish business in this process.

It was worth listening to the experiences of Polish companies, which, despite the war and the resulting difficulties, have not stopped their activities in Ukraine, continue to be active there and even plan to expand their presence and involvement in the near future.

A very interesting perspective on the reconstruction of Ukraine, emphasising its social dimension, was also presented by representatives of non-governmental organisations.

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Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

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Jakub Krysa, PhD

Jakub Krysa, PhD

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