Piotr Kochański shortlisted for the “European Managing Partner of the Year” at The Lawyers


Kochański i Partnerzy law firm is proud, delighted and touched to announce that Piotr Kochański has been shortlisted in the “European Managing Partner of the Year” category at The European Lawyer Awards 2018, organised by The Lawyer, a prestigious London based legal business vehicle.



More exciting news is that the entire Kochański i Partnerzy law firm is also shortlisted in the “Law Firm of the Year: Poland” category. This is the highest distinction for independent law firms and the culmination of many years of hard work consistently spent on building the brand, strength and effectiveness of the Kochański i Partnerzy law firm.

Both the individual nomination for Piotr Kochański in the European Managing Partner of the Year category and the nomination for the entire Kochański i Partnerzy firm in the Law Firm of the Year category constitute occasions to appreciate, with great satisfaction, the stage and the position currently held by the firm. It can also be seen as an exceptional and emotional summary of the twenty years of Kochanski & Partners’s operation, marking the 20th anniversary of the law firm at the end of 2018. Whatever the final result,  Kochański i Partnerzy law firm feels that its endeavours  to stand shoulder to shoulder with the largest players on the European legal advisory scene are appreciated  and noted.

Kochanski & Partners dedicates this distinction to all its Clients and Employees, who contributed over the years to the growth and strengthening of the firm’s position, and thus to its visibility on the European market and being shortlisted for such spectacular distinctions from The Lawyers. We would especially like to thank Kochanski & Partners’s Clients that continuously placed their trust in our experience.  We also extend our thanks to the law firms co-operating with us, supporting us with their expertise and knowledge.

Inspired by this special distinction, Kochański i Partnerzy nominates internally all of its Employees and Managers in the Employee of the Year category. Every success of Kochanski & Partners has been made possible thanks to the people creating the firm, their knowledge, commitment and passion. All of us together and each of us individually.

Thank you all for being with us!