New Kochanski & Partners business strategy and marketing team

Kochański & Partners (K&P) is implementing a new business strategy to rapidly accelerate its penetration of international markets via strategic alliances with key foreign law firms. This strategy involves a reformulation of the business model and closer, comprehensive cooperation with clients. Kochański & Partners also plans to remodel its internal structures and processes, in particular in the BDM area. This transformation process will be managed by the new Business Development & Marketing Director – Barbara Lenarcik, formerly Marketing Director at SSW Pragmatic Solutions, with two more former SSW employees joining the department: Marcin Woliński (Manager) and – from July – Paulina Berska (Specialist).

The new Kochański & Partners strategy is a response to the post-COVID-19 business reality. Clients will require comprehensive advice from a trusted firm having an understanding of their business needs.  The coronavirus has made businesses aware of how the global business environment they operate in is interconnected, and thus they will more appreciate the possibility of using legal assistance on an international scale.

Piotr Kochański, Managing Partner at K&P, stresses: “We all at Kochański & Partners know well how important a forward-looking and strategic approach in the legal industry is. Therefore, regardless of the current market turmoil, we are already planning to intensify our post-COVID actions. It is necessary to possess strategic thinking in BDM to foster an effective business model and permanently create and implement certain processes anew. I believe our new BDM team will be highly effective in implementing our business strategy.”

Barbara Lenarcik, as the new BDM Director, will be responsible for the development, implementation and control of the Kochański & Partners BDM strategy, communication, strengthening of the positive Kochański & Partners image, and development of individual practices and products.

Prior to joining K&P, Barbara worked for almost three years at SSW Pragmatic Solutions (formerly Spaczyński, Szczepaniak & Partners) building and developing a BDM team, where she was responsible for the marketing strategy, communication, cooperation with business organisations, and corporate events in addition to client acquisition and product development. Barbara co-authored the firm’s strategy for expanding beyond the Polish market, and was engaged in fostering the launch of foreign desks specialized in assisting clients from selected key foreign markets. One of her major projects involved rebranding the law firm and changing its communication strategy (launching a new website and boosting social media activity).

Barbara also worked at one of the largest consulting firms – PwC, where she was responsible for marketing, external and internal communication, and BD for teams providing services to the financial sector, audit department, six regional offices in Poland and the PwC Legal law firm itself. She co-authored numerous strategic image and relation building programmes, such as: the Alumni programme, Women in Business Lodge, Supervisory Board Forum and  the HR Executive Club.

Marcin Woliński, as a BDM manager, will be responsible for Kochański & Partners internal and external communication, also involved in running content marketing activities (including video content) and developing Kochański & Partners marketing materials. Marcin has twenty years of professional experience in communication and marketing, assisting the professional consultancy services sector as a whole.

Paulina Berska will work as a specialist dealing with the Kochański & Partners digital strategy, including social media, being also responsible for refreshing the Kochański & Partners brand image.