Kochański & Partners Business Law Firm has for several years been the fastest growing law firm in Poland and the third fastest in Europe. Importantly, over the last four years alone, it has doubled its turnover.

The pro-active business development activities taken on international markets, the expansion and development of the Warsaw and Cracow Offices, and increased investment expenditure on the development of innovations and new technologies, have naturally led to an expansion of the Firm’s team of experts.

In 2015, Kochanski & Partners hired 10 new employees. In 2016, this more than doubled to 23 and in 2017 – increased again to 31 new hires. Today, the Firm employs 154 people, including as many as 103 lawyers. Importantly, in the last few weeks alone, nearly 10 percent of all Kochanski & Partners employees were promoted to higher positions. Advocate Paweł Mardas, Senior Associate, has been elevated to Counsel. Associates Kacper Czubacki, Karol Połosak, Marcin Rżysko and Michał König have been promoted to Senior Associates. Former Junior Lawyer Natalia Leszko has been made an Associate at Kochanski & Partners, while Paulina Grunt, Karolina Jasiulewicz and Krzysztof Góralczyk have become Junior Lawyers. Kochański & Partners is renowned for its ability to attract genuinely talented lawyers, able to navigate efficiently across many different practice areas. By building on its lawyers’ individual initiatives, expert knowledge, interdisciplinary experience, as well as teamwork and determination to pursue and achieve their goals, today Kochanski & Partners can stand shoulder to shoulder with the largest players on the Polish and international legal advisory market.

With its strategy of investing in the most talented and outstanding people, Kochanski & Partners’s business benefits keep growing every year. Last year alone, employment at Kochański & Partners rose by 26.23 %.



Paweł Mardas, Counsel Kochanski & Partners

Kacper Czubacki, Senior Associate Kochanski & Partners

Karol Połosak, Senior Associate Kochanski & Partners

Marcin Rżysko, Senior Associate Kochanski & Partners


Natalia Leszko, Associate Kochanski & Partners

Paulina Grunt, Junior Lawyer Kochanski & Partners

Karolina Jasiulewicz, Junior Lawyer Kochanski & Partners

Krzysztof Góralczyk, Junior Lawyer Kochanski & Partners